"[...] the Rabbit
say to itself 'Oh
dear! Oh dear!
I shall be too


I'm a young software scientist. I've graduated in Computer Science at the University of Pisa in 1995. I've been working as software analist and developer since then.

I like reading about Cognitive Science, History, Politics and World Economy with Europe in the center.
If you too like that, let's follow my links and keep in touch.

Music? Yes, I like it. Salvatore Accardo? sorry I don't think he being a relative of mine, but I listen at his performances.

2016 April, 16th my old sandbox

Just to try some hands-on, but old, I know!

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2014 September, 22nd Metro UI Revolution!

I think that Windows 8 interface has been a great revolution in the UI.

It broke all the previous UI based on the old "desktop" metaphor.

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2009 May, 15th Ride as you Ski!

To ride effectively off-road motorcycle first thing is feeling the grip with the road. You actually feel it with the handlebar for the front wheel and with the foot pegs for the rear wheel.

So, hold safely your handlebar and press down the foot peg! When you turn on the right put your weight on the left feet, as you would do when you go skyiing: you would load external ski, the internal one can even be rised up.

2008 September, 2nd Waiting 4 PAF

Automobiles are still driven as one hundred years ago. How long will it take to have Personal Automatic Flyer (PAF)?

2007 August, 18th The stream of thought

I've got it! I think it is something to think about.

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2007 June, 1st Iliad, Sony reader, e-ink is coming!

Read everywhere, write down a note when you need, ...

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